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Once upon a time, there lived a young girl named Bhavna, she was in class 7. She was a bright student; she was the topper of her class all the time till class 6. Her parents were proud of all her achievements.

Bhavna’s father was a corporate employee, he used to work for a private firm as an accountant. He was hardworking and determined towards his goals. He wanted to give Bhavna the best childhood, he wanted to fulfil all her wishes for which he used to work with full determination.

He was from a lower middle-class background which is why he was not able to get what he wanted during his childhood, he couldn’t get the toys he wanted, and he couldn’t get the cars he wanted. Despite all this, he studied hard so that he could afford everything he wanted in the future.

He wanted the same for his daughter, he wanted her daughter to study hard so that she could achieve all the things that she desired for herself. Bhavna’s father could afford many things that she wanted, but still, there were some things that she would have to compromise like a car. All of Bhavna’s friends had a car with them, so she wanted a car, but her father couldn’t afford it with his thirty thousand salary.

Bhavna was a bright student, but day by day as she realized that she had so many responsibilities towards her home, she started to feel pressurized and depressed.

She started taking everything on her mind, she felt that if she would not study, she would never be able to fulfil her dream as well as her family’s dream.

She developed a fear in her mind regarding her studies, she used to skip tests, and she used to think that if she failed then it would be a loss for both of his hardworking parents. She made a box of high expectations for herself in her mind and if she failed any exam, then she would just blame herself for each and everything.

One day, there was a math test in her class and as always, she was scared to give the test, so she decided to skip the test. Though she prepared for the test at home religiously still she was scared to take the exam.

To avoid this situation, she pretended that she was having a headache and went to the medical room to get herself tested, the nurse gave her paracetamol, and told her to go back to class. But she didn’t want to go to the class, so she told the nurse that she was in pain, and she wanted to rest there for some time. She escaped that test, and she was satisfied.

The next time she tried the same thing, but that day she got caught by her teacher in the medical room. Her teacher was furious in the beginning but then she understood her fear.

She tried to calm Bhavna and told her that it is not whether you fail the test or pass the test, what is important is that you have studied for the test. Working hard enough for anything is more important than passing or failing an exam.

Bhavna was scared that her parents’ expectations would get shattered if she didn’t study, her teacher told her that it is important to study but it is stupid to ruin your mental health over an exam.

Bhavna realized her mistake and she started studying for the sake of gaining knowledge rather than gaining marks.

Moral of the story: Exams are made to test your knowledge, not to fear anyone. Exams don’t define knowledge.


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