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  • Third-Party Merchant Policies. Under Merchant policies (including Privacy policies ) and operational procedures, all laws, policies ( including Privacy policies ), and operational procedures apply to you on these sites. We cannot be held liable for any information that you supply to Merchants; both merchants and us operate as independent contractors without authority to make promises or representations on either’s behalf.
  • Privacy Statement. The privacy Statement may change over time as part of this Agreement.
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  • Copyrights and Copyright Agents. We value respecting the intellectual property rights of others, as we ask you to do. If your work was copied in such a manner that would constitute copyright infringement, or you believe it has been copied, contact your Copyright Agent immediately with details:

o   Signing authority of any person who represents copyright interests;

o   Provide details for the copyrighted item which has been infringed upon;

o   Explain where on the Website your material which infringes is found;

o   Your address, telephone number, and email address.

o   Declare that your use is forbidden by either the copyright owner, his agent, or by law, and take action accordingly.

  • Under penalty of perjury, you will make an affirmative declaration that all information included on your notice is true and accurate, as well as being authorized to represent the copyright owner in matters concerning their copyright rights. Our Copyright Agent can be reached for claims regarding infringement on our Site by sending an email directly.
  • Proposed Product and Service Offerings. Descriptions of goods and services proposed are based on assumptions that could change, so don’t rely on their quality or accessibility until they become available through the Site. Our company reserves the right to exercise sole discretion regarding promotions and registrations granted; such decisions could include things such as the nature and timing of awards made.