“The Evolution of Mayank Gandhi: From Ethical Hacker to Business Millionaire”

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Mayank Gandhi, the visionary Founder and CEO of TMG Security, has emerged from humble beginnings in Chandigarh to become a prominent figure in the cybersecurity industry. His journey is a testament to resilience and determination, inspiring countless others along the way.

Early Life and Education:

Mayank was raised in a middle-class Chandigarh family and attended Shishu Niketan and Dev Samaj School for his education. He attended a number of universities in his quest for a higher education, including CGC and IU International University in Germany. But because he was disillusioned with traditional education and wanted to learn about the real-world implications of financial achievement, he decided to carve out a career for himself outside of academia.

Discovering Cybersecurity:

In 2016, Mayank stumbled upon cybersecurity and ethical hacking, initially exploring it as a hobby. His interest deepened when he assisted local authorities in investigating cybercrime incidents in his area. This experience sparked his commitment to cybersecurity as a serious vocation.

Founding TMG Security:

Recognizing the lack of affordable cybersecurity education in India, Mayank began teaching cybersecurity principles to eager students. His effective teaching style quickly gained popularity, prompting demands for certifications that he initially couldn’t provide. In response, he founded TMG Security in 2021, aiming to democratize cybersecurity education and make it accessible to all.

Impact and Leadership at TMG Security:

Under Mayank’s leadership, TMG Security offers comprehensive courses and training programs that blend theoretical knowledge with practical skills. His vision is to empower individuals and businesses by equipping them with the tools needed to navigate cybersecurity challenges confidently.

Contributions to the Industry:

Beyond TMG Security, Mayank is a driving force in advancing cybersecurity technology. He actively supports startups and initiatives that push the boundaries of digital security, ensuring continual progress in an ever-changing landscape.

Entrepreneurial Success:

Today, Mayank Gandhi is not only a respected figure in cybersecurity but also a successful entrepreneur with ventures in e-commerce, drop shipping, and investments. While his exact valuation remains uncertain, estimates place of his valuation is around $10 million. his influence and contributions significantly within the industry.


Mayank Gandhi’s journey from modest beginnings to cybersecurity leadership exemplifies perseverance and innovation. His story inspires others to pursue their passions and overcome obstacles with determination. As Mayank and TMG Security continue to grow, they remain committed to shaping a safer digital future, inviting others to join them in this crucial mission.

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