Shatrughan Sinha won’t skip Sonakshi Sinha’s wedding, he can’t stay upset with his ‘laadli’ for too long:

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 ‘All is well between Sonakshi Sinha and her family’ now, a new report confirmed days before the actor’s wedding with Zaheer Iqbal.

Sonakshi Sinha is marrying actor Zaheer Iqbal on June 23 in Mumbai. It was reported that her father, actor-politician Shatrughan Sinha, was upset with Sonakshi for not sharing her wedding plans with him earlier. However, in an interview with Zoom, Pahlaj Nihalani, a close friend of the Sinhas and former chairperson of the Central Board of Film Certification, has confirmed that ‘all is well between Sonakshi and her family’ now.

‘Shouldn’t have unrealistic expectations from kids’
Asked if Shatrughan Sinha and family will attend his daughter’s wedding, Pahlaj said, “Of course, why shouldn’t they? He (Shatrughan) can’t remain upset for long, not with Sonakshi. She is his laadli (darling). Shaadi nahin attend karne ka koi sawaal hi nahi paida hota (There is no question of him not attending the wedding). As Shatruji said to you, aaj kal he bachche inform karte hain, permission nahin lete (As he said earlier, kids today inform their parents, not seek their permission for marriage). Why should he be upset if Sonakshi is marrying the boy of her choice? Shatruji himself married a girl of his choice 40 years ago. Even I chose my own life partner, when I married my wife. One should not have unrealistic expectations from one’s children.”

‘All is well between Sonakshi and her family’
Reacting to Shatrughan’s initial response to the news of Sonakshi’s wedding, Pahlaj added, “You must have spoken to him when he was out of Mumbai for almost three months due to elections. Bhabhiji (Poonam Sinha) must have known. She must have decided to tell him about it (the marriage) after his return. Now he is back in Mumbai and all is well between Sonakshi and her family.”

More about Sonakshi’s big day
Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal recently confirmed their wedding date. The actors, who have been dating for seven years, will marry in Mumbai on June 23. Their leaked wedding invite recently surfaced online. It has been designed like the cover of a magazine and featured a loved-up photo of Sonakshi and Zaheer from a vacation. Zaheer was seen kissing Sonakshi in the candid photo, while she smiled.

The couple will celebrate the wedding at Bastian, Mumbai. Sonakshi and Zaheer’s wedding invite says that the celebrations will start at 8 pm. Earlier, it was reported that the couple will have a registered marriage. Sonakshi and Zaheer worked together in the 2022 film Double XL.

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