iTech Ecommerce: Empowering Indian SMEs in the Digital Marketplace

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iTech Ecommerce Pvt Ltd, founded in 2009 by Gopi Singh Bhadoriya, operates as a significant channel partner of in India. Based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, and with offices in various key cities across India, including Ahmedabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Jalandhar, Jaipur, and Surat, iTech Ecommerce focuses on providing digital solutions and services tailored to small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses.


Since its inception, iTech Ecommerce has leveraged its extensive experience, particularly through its team of former management and leaders, to support the success of Indian SMEs. The company offers a range of solutions that harness advanced technology to meet diverse business needs.


As an integrated partner of Alibaba, iTech Ecommerce facilitates high-conversion e-commerce for Indian SMEs, enabling them to reach global buyers. The company deploys a wide array of digital solutions designed to maximise returns for online businesses. This includes value-added services and specialised training aimed at enhancing SME capabilities.


With over 3,000 customers across India, iTech Ecommerce stands out as a prominent partner of in the region. The company’s mission is to assist businesses in expanding their reach and achieving substantial growth by leveraging the potential of the internet., the world’s leading online business-to-business trading platform, offers extensive opportunities for SMEs to reach new markets and audiences. With over 100 million registered users from 190 countries and a wide range of products in more than 40 major categories, Alibaba provides a valuable platform for global business expansion. The Alibaba Gold Supplier membership enhances business credibility and maximises exposure in the global market, offering continuous visibility for products.


iTech Ecommerce supports businesses in setting up and optimising their Alibaba Gold Supplier accounts, ensuring they are fully operational and capable of driving sales and leads on a global scale. The company also offers additional services such as product keyword optimization, minisite development, premium product posting, e-commerce account management, and product photography. These services aim to enhance business competitiveness on


By providing access to the latest RFQs (Request for Quotation), real-time performance analysis through Alibaba’s Biz Trends tool, and direct collaboration with, iTech Ecommerce helps businesses navigate and succeed in the global e-commerce market. The company’s focus is on creating effective marketing campaigns that help B2B organizations achieve their core business objectives.


In summary, iTech Ecommerce Pvt Ltd plays a crucial role in supporting Indian SMEs in the global e-commerce market. With its extensive experience, comprehensive digital solutions, and strategic partnership with, iTech Ecommerce assists businesses in growing and reaching their full potential.

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