Feltron: Pioneering Excellence in Indian Consumer Electronics

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Since its inception in 1975, Feltron has been a testament to visionary leadership and innovative engineering, marking a significant footprint in the Indian electronics market. Founded by Mr. Dhan Raj Goel, a passionate electronics engineer, Feltron embarked on a journey that was not just about creating products but building legacies. Mr. Goel’s profound expertise and enthusiasm for electronics led to the development of groundbreaking products that have continuously evolved with the changing times. From the era of radios to the latest LED TVs, Feltron has been at the forefront of technological evolution, ensuring quality and affordability for its consumers.

A Journey Through Time: The Evolution of Feltron

The entrepreneurial saga of Feltron began with a simple vision: to provide high-quality, affordable electronic products to the Indian market. Mr. Goel’s journey through the ages of electronics, from radios to black and white TVs, and then to the colorful world of color TVs, has been nothing short of remarkable. Today, Feltron is synonymous with LED TVs, showcasing how far the brand has come under Mr. Goel’s leadership. Despite reaching the age of retirement, Mr. Goel continues to fuel Feltron’s growth with innovative ideas, proving that age is merely a number for a true entrepreneur.

Feltron Today: The Most Preferred Brand

Feltron has earned its place as the most preferred Indian brand in consumer electronics and home appliances, celebrating a legacy of over 50 years. The brand’s focus on innovation is evident in its exclusive range of refrigerators launched specifically for the Indian market. Additionally, Feltron aims to increase its market share in large panels, ranging from 43 to 86 inches, equipped with the latest user interfaces. The brand boasts a diverse range of air coolers, washing machines, and an in-house facility for cooler motors, underlining its commitment to meeting varied consumer needs.

Expanding Product Lines: Meeting Every Need

Feltron’s product range is a reflection of its understanding of consumer needs and market trends. The LED TV range, spanning 43 to 100 inches, features UHD/4K quality, certified apps, and both Google and webOS led TVs. The washing machines, from semi-automatic to the forthcoming top-load fully automatic models, promise optimum quality. Refrigerators from 190 to 230 litres with top star ratings, and future models expanding to 100 and 170 litres, including double door options, underscore Feltron’s commitment to innovation. The brand also caters to commercial needs with its desert and commercial air coolers.

Moreover, Feltron’s diverse range of appliances, from ceiling fans to mixers, grinders, juicer mixer grinders, infrared cooktops, glass top gas stoves, electric kettles, air fryers, and more, ensures that every home need is met with quality and efficiency.

Feltron’s Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Feltron is set to broaden its horizon with the launch of air conditioners, deep freezers, and smart interactive flat panels for educational and corporate use. This expansion not only signifies Feltron’s adaptability to market demands but also its dedication to enhancing lifestyles with innovative solutions.

“We are proud of our journey so far and are excited about the future. Our focus remains on bringing innovative products that cater to the evolving needs of our consumers, ensuring quality, affordability, and sustainability,” said Abhinav Goel, CEO & MD Feltron.

Feltron’s Commitment to Innovation and Quality

Feltron’s journey from a budding enterprise to a leading name in Indian consumer electronics is a remarkable story of innovation, quality, and visionary leadership. Mr. Dhan Raj Goel’s enduring legacy is evident in every product and decision, propelling Feltron towards a future where it continues to set benchmarks for excellence. As Feltron prepares for its next chapter, its focus remains steadfast on providing cutting-edge, affordable products that meet the evolving needs of its consumers. With a robust product lineup and an eye on future technologies, Feltron is poised to remain at the forefront of the Indian electronics market, enhancing lives and enriching experiences for years to come.



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