Junior NTR prepares for action in War 2, arriving in Mumbai on April 11

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We found out that actor Jr NTR will be in Mumbai on April 11, and he will start shooting for War 2 very soon.

It’s a big moment for Jr NTR in Bollywood! Many people are saying he’s going to be in a Hindi movie called War 2. We’ve just found out that he’s going to start filming for it later this week.

Someone said he’s coming to Mumbai to make a movie.

“The actor is coming to Mumbai on April 11th. He’ll begin filming for the project shortly after. He’ll be in Mumbai for about 10 days to shoot a crucial scene,” a source familiar with the situation revealed.

The insider says, ‘Hrithik Roshan is already filming for the project, and Jr NTR will be joining him to film an important action scene’.

Although we don’t know much about his part in the movie series yet, a source says his character will be full of action and intense moments. They also mention that the character will have some complexity, showing different sides, which is new for Jr NTR’s fans and will definitely surprise them.

Steps are being taken to keep the set secret while the two actors film together, especially after a picture of Roshan shooting for the project appeared on social media. The whole crew is being careful to prevent any images from leaking, according to a source.

NTR’s RRR created a lot of excitement among Hindi film fans all over India. Another source says it’s the perfect opportunity for him to make his big debut in Bollywood. People are eagerly waiting to see him in a Hindi project, and War 2 seems like the right debut for him. Even filmmakers and trade people in the Hindi film industry are looking forward to his debut and are waiting to see how the audience reacts, adds another source.

Siddharth Anand is in charge of making War 2. It’s a spy story, and the first one had Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff. It came out in 2019.

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