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His Dreams were Bigger than the Life’s Challenges His Faith was stronger than the Doubts created  

Anand Gupta today is a proud owner of a Corporate gifting firm called ‘Giftsmandi Enterprises’ located in Noida and finds immense joy in bringing smiles to Corporate faces by providing them the Customized Corporate gifting products as per their choice. But it’s the spirit of of resilience and perseverance that makes Anand Gupta emerge as a winner in difficult circumstances in Life.

Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, he refused to succumb to adversity and instead, forged ahead with unwavering determination towards his dreams. Anand’s journey underscores the importance of having faith in oneself and the willingness to confront obstacles head-on.

His initial struggles, from his father illness to being cheated by a friend in business, could have easily deterred him from pursuing his entrepreneurial aspirations. However, Anand’s steadfast belief in his abilities propelled him forward. Anand was just 18, when his father got diagnosed with Brain Tumor in 2005. The difficult conditions prevailing in life made Anand took up a job at a small distributor for Rs.1500 a month But that didn’t last too long and hours later he quit that job as his heart was not into it and started job at Airtel for 5000 rupees. Continuing to follow Life’s path he worked briefly at various call centers for over 3 years before a friend offered him to start a BPO of his own in collaboration. Anand agreed to it left the previous job where he was earning 35000 in hand and join hands with his friend & they started their own venture, a call center for a Canandian Telecom company in which Anand made initial investment too. The company saw a good amount of profit of around Rs.12 lakhs within 2 months. But, soon enough, this dream too started to fade off, turning into a nightmare when he came to know that his friend took all the money that Anand was supposed to receive from his friend as a profit and fled away. While his employees were looking up to him to pay them their dues, Anand has to put a restart button to his life. Not knowing where to start again from, Anand refused to bow down. That is when he took up a job again but this time working extra hard. While on one hand, he was working for a BPO in night for Rs.20000 a month, he also started business of corporate gifting firm in client servicing in day time.

Within few years, working day & night Anand made good connections with some of his clients, and decided to aspire his dream from childhood to start something of his own. Through hard work, dedication, and a relentless commitment to his goals, Anand transformed his vision into reality, culminating in the establishment of ‘Giftsmandi Enterprises’ in the year 2013 and since then there is no looking back in Life. Whether it was taking up multiple jobs simultaneously or leveraging his connections to establish his own business, Anand displayed remarkable resilience and resourcefulness.

Giftsmandi’ situated in Noida is like Anand’s own baby. Promoting it through different platforms on Social Media, Giftsmandi started to expand its horizons. Over a decade into the business, Giftsmandi provides all kinds of corporate gifting solutions. Right from branding on various merchandise to gifts for clients or employees at various occasions like an event or exhibition,Diwali, ‘Giftsmandi’ takes care of all Corporate gifting requirements. While Corporate Gifting today holds a huge market of above 15000 crores in India, it is the joy of meeting different people and making them smile is the driving force behind ‘Giftsmandi’ that keeps Anand Gupta keep going every single day. Over the years as ‘Giftsmandi’ continued to grow, Anand Gupta now has some bigger plans for his company. Today, ‘Giftsmandi’ stands as a testament to Anand’s indomitable spirit and entrepreneurial acumen. Not only he has achieved significant success in the corporate gifting industry, but he also continues to aspire for greater heights, with plans to expand globally.

Starting his professional journey from Rs.1500 a month, Anand Gupta has come

a long way. Today his company turnover is above 7 Crores. An award winning

firm, Giftsmandi has been awarded as the Best Corporate Gifting Firm Delhi/

NCR by India’s Most Trusted Brand Of The Year Awards in 2024.

And in this journey, throughout, he faced number of set backs which made him take a pause his life, but it was never a full stop. Taking it as a learning from each and every setback, Anand looks at it as Life’s lessons as he continued to conquer all those setbacks.

Anand’s journey underscores the importance of perseverance. Despite the initial challenges and setbacks he encountered, he persisted in his pursuit of entrepreneurship. Anand’s story serves as an inspiration for anyone facing adversity or setbacks in their own lives. It reminds us that with determination, resilience, and unwavering faith in oneself, it is possible to overcome even the most daunting challenges and achieve success beyond one’s wildest dreams.


It is a reminder, that Life may bring many challenges to you, but it is voice within that one needs to hear, of never to give up and the undying spirit that makes you emerge as a winner after every setback.


Website – www.giftsmandi.com

Linkedin  – www.linkedin.com/in/giftsmandi

Facebook –  www.facebook.com/giftsmandi

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/giftsmandiofficial


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