Shopkeeper and customer almost get into a brawl over Samsung S24 exchange offer

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A shopkeeper’s patience was tested when a young customer attempted to exchange Pokemon cards for a brand-new Samsung S24 phone. The seemingly innocuous request quickly escalated into an advising session, highlighting the pitfalls of misinformation and differing expectations.

The situation unfolded when a young boy, seemingly unaware of the standard exchange protocols, approached the shopkeeper with an unconventional proposal. The customer expressed interest in acquiring the latest Samsung S24 model and offered a collection of Pokemon cards in exchange. However, the shopkeeper’s reaction was flabbergasted for a brief moment, and his first reaction came out to be, “Yaha nahi hota ye sab, flipkart vaale krte honge, unse maango ye sab.”

“Pokemon card se nahi kharide jaate hain, iske liye asli card lana hoga, aapne se bade ke saath aao phir le jana,” explained the bewildered shopkeeper.

The exchange quickly turned into an interactive session as the shopkeeper tried to make the boy understand the purchasing graph, with a bit of tension escalating.

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