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There were two friends named Monu and Nonu. They were together since childhood. They used to spend all the time with each other. They were in class 7. They went to the same school named Happy Model School.

Monu’s father was a corporate employee, he worked for a firm near his house, and he was a hardworking man. He built his own house recently for his family so that they could live peacefully without any hurdles.

Nonu’s father was an actor, he was very popular among kids for his recent movie named Shakti Maan. He used to work very hard on the sets of films every day so that he could deliver a masterpiece to the audience. Nonu’s mother was also an actress in the Hindi film industry. Both of Nonu’s parents used to be busy all day for work.

Nonu used to spend most of his time with his best friend Monu’s family. He used to adore Monu’s parents. Monu’s parents also treated Nonu as their child, they used to take good care of him, and they used to treat him like family. Nonu never felt alone even when his parents were not with him.

Monu had a charming personality; he had a good moral character. He possessed pleasing manners, his way of talking, way of sitting, way of eating was royal. He adapted all these qualities from his father. His father was a great teacher he used to teach him everything that he was not able to learn in his childhood.

Monu was brought up in a healthy environment. He used to respect all the elderly people and loved those who were younger than him. He used to stand first in his class every time. He had good command over spoken and written English. He used to win many prizes for the essays that he used to write representing his school.

Monu used to play football and he was the captain of the school football team. He used to love morning walks. He used to wake up early and he used to walk and meditate so that he could kick start his day with immense positivity.

Monu had a soft corner for plants and animals as well. He used to go to an animal shelter named Foster. He used to feed them and play with them; this would give immense pleasure and satisfaction to him.

Monu was a lover of nature; he has also written a few poems on nature. The poems were admired by all the teachers as well as the principal of our school. Monu was a perfect child, but he always needed a best friend like Nonu, who could support him through every situation.

Monu was the inspiration for Nonu, Nonu used to follow each and everything that Monu used to say regarding studies and extracurricular activities. Monu always felt so lucky to have a helpful friend like Nonu.

Both Monu and Nonu were an inspiration for each other. They always lived like brothers and there were many more years to go to their friendship.

Moral of the story: A genuine friend plays a crucial role in the path towards success. Having a best friend with whom you can share things without being judged, is a blessing.


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