Meet 1281 Creator the youngest and the no.1 youtuber of Hazaribagh

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The famous YouTuber 1281 Creator needs no introduction today. He is amongst the inspirations to many newcomers, beginners who want to step into the YouTube industry. 1281 Creator has proved that if you are equipped with high talent, then your hard work will certainly pave the roads to success. His YouTube channel 1281 Creator received immense popularity within a short period and adored 25  thousands subscribers. All the credits of his accomplishments go to his hard work, consistency, and his creative content.

1281 Creator comes from a middle-class family of Hazaribagh from Jharkhand. Since childhood, he was very much curious to try out new, unique things. His father owns a small cloth  shop. 1281 Creator belongs from a city, where the thinking of people is to educate kids and acquire any Government job. 1281 Creator wants to change this middle-class thinking. This urges him to motivate and start his YouTube channel. He wants to show people/society that if we persistently work hard in any of the work, then success is completely ours. In the year 2021, 1281 Creator tried to make his YouTube channel, but somehow it didn’t work.

1281 Creator dream of doing something unique didn’t allow him to sleep. Thus, after 2 years in  2023, 1281 Creator finally started his YouTube channel. During those times, 1281 Creator did not have enough money to buy a new phone. He then started to shoot videos from his family phone .He then started to upload videos to get the attention of viewers.

On his channel ‘1281  Creator’, he inspires people to help the poor people around us by posting informative videos, which are appreciated by the audience all over. He also explains to people how he fulfilled his dream despite living in a small village with minimal facilities.

Today 1281 Creator is listed in the top famous Indian YouTuber list which shows how passionate one could be to achieve his dream goals and to lead a very successful life!

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