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New Delhi, India – Germanleap, an innovative EdTech startup, emerges as a frontrunner in facilitating education and career opportunities in Germany, specializing in exceptional German language coaching. With a focus on aiding students and professionals in securing study and job prospects in Germany, Germanleap stands as a beacon of quality education and career guidance.

Unmatched Services

Germanleap prides itself on three key pillars that set it apart: Best German Language Coaching: Leveraging cutting-edge teaching methodologies, Germanleap provides unparalleled German language training that equips students with the linguistic proficiency needed to excel in German-speaking environments.

Affordable Cost: Making quality education accessible, Germanleap offers its exceptional language coaching at affordable rates, ensuring that aspiring learners can achieve their dreams without financial constraints.

Best Results: The hallmark of Germanleap’s coaching is its track record of consistently achieving outstanding results, enabling students to master the German language swiftly and effectively.

Free Career Counseling: Committed to guiding students towards successful study opportunities in Germany, Germanleap offers comprehensive and free career counseling, aiding students in navigating their educational journeys.

A Global Impact

Having empowered over 1500 students from diverse countries including Nepal, Bangladesh, Turkey, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Germany, Germanleap has proven its prowess in delivering top-notch language education across borders. This global outreach underscores its commitment to fostering cross-cultural learning and providing quality education beyond geographical boundaries.

Brand Details

Company Name: Germanleap
About Germanleap: Germanleap is an EdTech startup dedicated to empowering learners in German language proficiency and facilitating study and job opportunities in Germany.
Address: 1855A, South Extension 1, New Delhi
Contact: 9523179428, 8529727130
Germanleap Application: Download Here
Founder: Shivam Rastogi
Email (Founder):
LinkedIn: Shivam Rastogi

Commitment to Excellence

Germanleap stands committed to its mission of providing top-tier German language education and guidance for aspiring students and professionals, ensuring that language is never a barrier in achieving their dreams of studying and working in Germany.

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