Anyelp Groups Presents Pride Of Karnataka 2023 Awards

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Anyelp Management Team congratulates Mr Manjunath Balakrishna on being awarded “Inspiring Personality of The Year”, He has been inspiring a generation of people through his enormous generosity. This is a well-deserved recognition for this tireless work in inspiring others and making a positive impact on the lives of people in Karnataka.

People like Mr. Manjunath a Coffee Estate Owner and a Hotelier like himself are a true champion for the people of Karnataka. They are committed to making the world a better place, and they are inspiring others to do the same. Mr. Majunath is a role model for hoteliers alike. He has implemented many eco-friendly methods to operate and manage Resorts

His commitment to sustainability and innovation in this field is helping other hoteliers and resorters maximize profits while also going greener. He uses a variety of eco-friendly practices  in  his Resorts .He also employs sustainable farming practices. As a result of his eco-friendly practices, he is able to produce high-quality coffee while also protecting the environment.

His coffee is in high demand from resorts that are looking for sustainable products. He is also sharing his knowledge and expertise with other hoteliers. He gives talks and workshops on sustainable to other hoteliers . He also provides consulting services to help other businesses implement eco-friendly practices.

Manjunath has greatly contributed to the infrastructure and tourism development in the region during his tenure as the first President of Chikkamagaluru Resort Owners Association from June 2021 to July 2022.  He continues to encourage and guide resort owners to contribute to the development of tourism in Chikkamagaluru, besides having his own resorts.

Manjunath’s “The Spectrum Resort” with argi tourism theme within coffee estate which became a unique and trend setting concept. In continuation, Manjunath later developed The Blossom Resort with the same concept and also introduced coffee tours educating the guests about coffee growth and production.

Under his leadership with the association, Manjunath spear headed key initiatives on improving cultural, argi, eco and heritage tourism in Chikkamagaluru district.  He proactively organised activities, and shared his thoughts on how to improve infrastructure, protect nature, mountains and wildlife. He also initiated a cleanliness drive program to keep the tourist places neat and green.

Manjunath set up the Spectrum training institute which offers free hospitality training to local youth to make them more employable. Under his leadership, Spectrum institute students and faculty have helped Asha Kirana Blind organization and organized blood donation campaign on 14-Jun-2022.  More recently, a blood donation camp was organised at The Blossom resort on 06-Jul-2023, where 29 people donated blood.

Manjunath is a responsible citizen who is always keen to help the community. He is an asset to Karanataka state and the tourism industry.

Mr. Manjunath is a true inspiration. He is showing the world that it is possible to be successful while also being sustainable. His work is helping to create a more sustainable industry and a more sustainable world. His acumen and understanding of the importance of sustainable practices and his innovative methods to get it done while taking the utmost care of nature have brought him a lot of praise, gratitude, and respect from the community.

We at Anyelp Groups and whole of Karnataka wish him all the success in the world and we believe at his cause and he is definitely going to inspire lot of generation ahead of him.

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