Dr. Manoj Sharma, CEO of Bort Technology opc Pvt Ltd, Awarded as Best Indian Business Icon of the Year 2023

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 Dr. Manoj Sharma, the visionary CEO of Bort Technology opc Pvt Ltd, has been named the “Best Indian Business Icon of the Year 2023” by the Indian Prime Icon Awards 2023 – Season 2. This acknowledgment highlights the extraordinary contributions that Dr. Sharma has made to the realm of business, as well as the commitment of his organization to delivering exceptional business solutions in Dubai and globally.

Bort Technology Operations Pvt. Ltd., led by Dr. Manoj Sharma, provides an extensive array of products and services that facilitate establishing and managing businesses for entrepreneurs. Their dedication to ensuring customer contentment, providing timely services, and implementing a comprehensive approach has distinguished them within the business solutions sector.

The key services and products offered by Bort Technology opc Pvt Ltd include:

  • Start Your Business in Dubai with 100% OWNERSHIP: A service that simplifies setting up a business in Dubai, offering entrepreneurs full ownership of their ventures.
  • Freezone Company Formation in Dubai: Streamlining the process of establishing companies in Dubai’s free zones, providing tax advantages and flexibility.
  • Offshore Company Formation Worldwide: Assisting clients in expanding their businesses globally, focusing on offshore company formation.
  • Readymade Company for Sale: Offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to step into a business immediately through ready-made companies for sale.
  • Dubai Residency Services: Helping clients achieve their dream of becoming residents in the vibrant city of Dubai.
  • Worldwide Company Formation: Assisting in company formation worldwide, showcasing their global reach.
  • Bank Account Assistance Worldwide: Providing expert guidance for opening bank accounts abroad, simplifying a complex process.
  • Business Advisory Services: Offering invaluable business advice from an experienced team, giving businesses a competitive edge.
  • Corporate Documents Attestation Services Worldwide: Ensuring the authenticity of critical documents globally, assisting businesses in complying with legal requirements.

Dr. Manoj Sharma’s company, Bort Technology opc Pvt Ltd, is renowned for three key reasons:

  1. Customer Satisfaction: The company’s relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction ensures long-lasting relationships and outstanding results.
  2. Ontime Services: Punctuality is a core principle that allows clients to move forward with their business plans without delay.
  3. End-to-End Process: Bort Technology opc Pvt Ltd simplifies the complex business setup and expansion process by offering an end-to-end service.

Dr. Manoj Sharma and his company, Bort Technology opc Pvt Ltd, continue to significantly contribute to the business world by assisting entrepreneurs and businesses in realizing their ambitions. Their focus on trust, integrity, and a commitment to customer satisfaction is inspiring the next generation of business leaders.

In a world where time is money and success is paramount, Dr. Manoj Sharma and Bort Technology opc Pvt Ltd are revolutionizing business solutions, making it easier for entrepreneurs to thrive in Dubai and beyond.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact: +91 9717302802

About Bort Technology opc Pvt Ltd

Bort Technology opc Pvt Ltd, under the visionary leadership of Dr. Manoj Sharma, is a leading provider of comprehensive business solutions in Dubai and worldwide. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, punctuality, and an end-to-end process has established them as a trusted partner for entrepreneurs and businesses. 

Our company holds a series of significant registrations and certifications from various government bodies in India, which testify to our commitment to compliance and quality. These include:

▪Registered with MCA, Govt of India

▪️Registered with MSME, Govt of India

▪️Registered with Export-Import code, Govt of India

▪️Registered under START-UP INDIA (Ministry of Commerce)Govt of India

▪️ISO Certified Company

These acknowledgments highlight our dedication to conducting business responsibly and to the highest standards.

For more information, please visit  Bort Technology opc Pvt Ltd

About Dr. Manoj Sharma

Dr. Manoj Sharma is the CEO of Bort Technology opc Pvt Ltd and has been recognized as the “Best Indian Business Icon of the Year 2023” by the Indian Prime Icon Awards 2023 – Season 2. With a passion for simplifying the complexities of business setup, Dr. Sharma inspires future generations of business leaders. 

Dr. Sharma has also been honored with the “भारत गौरव सम्मान” (India Proud of Award 2023 – Book of Records) and the “Indian Icon Award 2023 Season-2” by the Global Excellence Forum Delhi.

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