Chhattisgarh Herbals -A Story of one of the largest women empowerment initiative in the world from the Heartland Forest Area of India – Chhattisgarh

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Beyond Beauty and Wellness: Chhattisgarh Herbals, Empowering Tribes, Preserving Traditions

Chhattisgarh Herbals, much more than a homegrown brand, is a testament to the harmonious bond between tradition and progress, nature and nurture, and empowerment through enterprise. It is a pathway for 1.2 million forest dwellers and 17,000 tribal women towards prosperity and empowerment. Founded in 2006, the brand blooms with a mission to provide sustainable livelihoods, boost income, and enhance the processing, packaging, and marketing of products that were already being collected and used by the tribal communities of Chhattisgarh for generations. It also envisions empowering the tribal women residing in the remote forested areas of Chhattisgarh with employment opportunities so that they can do more than just household chores. Chhattisgarh, a tribal-dominated state, blessed with abundant natural resources, possesses its own unique charm. Tribal people share a deep bond with Mother Nature, sustaining their livelihoods by utilising natural resources. Covering nearly 44 percent of the state’s land, Chhattisgarh’s forests hold a distinct identity, and the rare herbs and other treasures found within these woodlands are nothing short of a boon for our health and beauty.

For generations, the tribal communities of Chhattisgarh have relied on these herbs and pure natural products from the forests to maintain their vitality and well-being. Yet, their invaluable wisdom remained largely unexplored, hindered by limited resources and modern knowledge. 

In a heartfelt effort to uplift these communities, the state government introduced this visionary umbrella brand under the Chhattisgarh State Minor Forest Produce (Trading & Development) Co-operative Federation Ltd. It offers forest dwellers and tribal women a vital platform, a canvas to showcase their age-old skills through exquisite handcrafted products. Forest dwellers meticulously collect the highest quality raw materials from remote forests so that you do not have to compromise on your health. They are now crafting these premium all-natural herbal products exclusively for consumer use. With each product sold, the contribution goes towards the development of these tribal communities. 

Empowering Tribals, Enhancing Lives

For years, the hard work of forest dwellers involved in collecting minor forest produce remained neglected, and they would receive very little remuneration for their efforts. However, the state has now increased the number of minor forest produce items procured at support prices from 7 to 67, ensuring that they receive fair prices for their diligent work. Chhattisgarh contributes to 74 per cent of the country’s collection of minor forest produce. In the year 2018-19, the number of collectors was 1.5 lakh, which has now risen to 6 lakh. In the year 2021-22, a total of 42,000 metric tonnes of minor forest produce were procured, compared to just 540 metric tonnes in 2018-19, said a government release. 

These forest produce items, thus procured, are utilised by the tribal women working in 129 Van Dhan Kendras to manufacture Chhattisgarh Herbals products. With the introduction of Chhattisgarh Herbals, a forest produce-centric model of development has been established for the economic empowerment of tribal women and forest dwellers by providing them with all the necessary resources and boosting their income. It has opened new avenues of employment for 17,000 rural and tribal women associated with the women self-help groups, as well as for the 1.2 million forest dwellers engaged in the collection of raw materials i.e. Minor Forest Produce. The rural and tribal women, who were once limited to household chores, have now embraced a newfound zeal and enthusiasm to demonstrate their abilities, proving themselves no less capable than their male counterparts. 

The products of the brand are not only being sold across the state but also throughout the country and on e-commerce platforms, including Amazon and Flipkart. In August of this year, an MoU was inked between the Chhattisgarh State Minor Forest Produce Cooperative Federation, IIM Raipur, and Kendriya Bhandar. The purpose of this agreement is to make Chhattisgarh Herbals products available in all Kendriya Bhandar stores of the Central Government Employees Co-operative. These three institutions will work together for the economic development and prosperous future of forest dwellers and women belonging to self-help groups in the state.

Crafting Beauty and Wellness from Chhattisgarh’s Forest Secrets

Chhattisgarh Herbals is renowned for its pure, authentic, and high-quality products, handcrafted with utmost care and love by tribal women. The brand offers a wide range of premium products that harness the power of Mother Nature. The brand offers premium products, which include exquisite Organic Wild Forest Honey, luxurious aloe vera body washes, handmade aloe vera soaps, and nourishing aloe vera moisturiser. Our Ayush collection, featuring immunity-boosting Chyawanprash and Sitopaladi Churna, Triphala Churna for enhanced digestion, and Ayurvedic pain relief Mahavishgarbh Oil, brings age-old wisdom to modern living. All the products are tested in the dedicated laboratories established in a few districts across the state. 

Your Purchase, Their Progress: Chhattisgarh Herbals’ Social 

CommitmentIn this era of commercialization, a vast array of products flood the global market, some commendable while others are harmful to our health. Chhattisgarh Herbal offers products that are produced with minimal use of chemicals and artificial fragrances. Throughout our production process, we prioritize ensuring that our products pose no harm to your health. The raw materials for Chhattisgarh Herbals products are carefully sourced from remote, dense forests by forest dwellers. Additionally, strict storage practices are employed to maintain the quality of these raw materials, guaranteeing that only the finest selections are chosen. The production and processing cycle is thoughtfully tailored to empower rural women and tribal households. This endeavor not only bestows a fresh identity upon forest produce but also stands as a testament to the self-esteem, self-assurance, and self-sufficiency of tribal women and their families, marking a new era of women and tribal empowerment in Chhattisgarh. When you choose Chhattisgarh Herbal products, you are not merely making a purchase; you are also contributing to the economic betterment of forest dwellers and tribal communities, thereby elevating their standard of living

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