Empowering Youth with Cutting-edge Educational Programs at JD School of Design

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JD School of Design powered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology offers a dynamic array of degree and master courses in the fields of design, art, and media. It aims at nurturing the creative potential of today’s youth. The institute is affiliated with state universities – Bengaluru City University and Goa University and is in collaboration with Sunrise University. The curriculum is meticulously crafted to address emerging challenges while nurturing the innate creativity within each student.

Mr. Nealesh Dalal, Founder – JD School of Design and Managing Trustee – JD Institute of Fashion Technology

The institute fosters a learning environment that encourages collaboration, experimentation, and holistic growth. Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and industry connections that ensure they are well-equipped to meet the challenges of the modern professional landscape.

List of programs

  • BSc. in Fashion and Apparel Design
  • BSc. in Fashion Design and Garment Management
  • BSc. in Interior Design and Decoration
  • BBA in Event Management
  • BSc. in Jewellery Design
  • BVA in Product Design
  • BVA in Graphic Design and Communication
  • MSc. in Fashion and Textile Design
  • MBA in Fashion Business and Event Management
  • MSc. in Fashion Design and Management
  • MA in Fashion Communication
  • MSc. in Interior Design
  • MA in User Experience and Interaction Design (UI/UX)

These programs are designed to not only provide students with a solid foundation in their chosen disciplines but also to encourage critical thinking, innovation, and adaptability. By blending theoretical knowledge with practical skills, students at JD School of Design are prepared to make significant contributions to the creative industries.

One of the hallmarks of JD School of Design’s approach is its commitment to offering an array of enriching opportunities to its students, firmly rooted in real-world experiences. Through its international study tours, it provides students with global exposure and insights into diverse design cultures. The strategic collaborations with industry leaders, further ensure that its students are prepared to navigate the demands of the contemporary design industry.

It offers placement opportunities that enable students to translate their education into meaningful careers. This has led to numerous success stories, with alumni making significant contributions to various sectors of the design industry.

To recognize and celebrate the outstanding work of its graduating students, JD School of Design hosts the prestigious JD Design Awards. This platform serves as a showcase for students’ innovative projects, highlighting their creative prowess and vision for the future. The awards not only honour individual achievements but also inspire the entire design community to strive for excellence.

“We believe in empowering the youth by offering them opportunities to explore their creative talents and turn their passion into a successful career,” said Mr. Nealesh Dalal, Founder – JD School of Design and Managing Trustee – JD Institute of Fashion Technology“Our programs are carefully curated to provide a comprehensive education that not only hones technical skills but also nurtures a deep understanding of design aesthetics and industry trends.”

Aspiring individuals looking to embark on a transformative journey in the fields of design, art and media are encouraged to explore the wide range of programs offered by JD School of Design. Applications for the upcoming academic year are now open.

For more information, visit www.jdsd.in and www.jdinstitute.edu.in.

About JD School of Design

The JD School of Design aims to provide a world-class education to aspiring designers by exploring diverse creative partnerships in design, art and media. The school features an academic New Age program in affiliation with Bengaluru City University and Goa University and in collaboration with Sunrise University.

About JD Institute of Fashion Technology

The award-winning JD Institute of Fashion Technology was founded by him in 1988. To keep up with the growing market, JD Institute offers a wide range of courses in design, management, technology and art. The institute plays a key role in turning students into future industry leaders.


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